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Sunday, January 08, 2006

a look back at 2005

so tomorrow (or possibly tonight) i'll be uploading the latest foxy update, which will include our massive end-of-the-year feature. but a few things not covered there that i wanted to mention..

2005 saw the beginning of a couple great, new labels. at the top of the heap is the might barl fire. run by the unimitable simon allen, barl fire's dedication to beautiful releases of great music is to be admired and held in high regard. every release of his has been a winner, with the latest handful being the best (you'd be retarded not to check out the magical new 3" from xenis emputae travelling band). simon also stepped up to help me out and take on the continuously delayed release of "underneath the jesus tree," the north sea's magnum opus. i salute you, mr. allen!

another great label to pop up is new zealand's united fairy moons. everything i said about barl fire goes for UFM too. particularly great about this label is that everything he's released has been a project i've not heard previously. and they're all fantastic (special coconuts to three forks).

then there's root strata. this label has planted my foot firmly in my mouth. run by jefre cantu-ledesma of tarentel fame, every release so far has been brilliant. i've even become a big tarentel fan in the process and am excited to be involved in releasing some new records by a couple of jefre's sideprojects in 2006 (the alps and the holy see). get over to his website and check out the mp3s, send him your clams, and thank the heavens.

i'll write about some releases that were great, but didn't make my list later.