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Monday, December 04, 2006

bay area fun

if you're in the bay area, you now have plans for this weekend:

Women Take Back The Noise Live Performance Series
December 8, 9, 10 - 2006 • 21Grand Arts Space, Oakland CA
416 25th Street (at Broadway) in Oakland.
$10 at door or $25 for a 3-day pass.
3- day passes are available online at or at the door Friday Dec. 8th at 21Grand and Thursday Dec. 7th at the Luggage Store Gallery (New Music Series).
Full event calendar can be viewed at:

crazy good times to be had by all. and at the very least, you MUST (MUST MUST) check out the excellent 3CD compilation, "women take back the noise": chuzzah!. so much to sink your teeth into.

Friday, September 15, 2006

erik amlee

just want to give some quick love to erik amlee's latest opus, "afternoon dream." it's his first 'real' CD and it's an absolute gem. it's six raga-infused acoustic trips. amlee's sitar playing is magnificent and beautiful, and he accents this with a real proficiency on steel strings. the mix of backwoods porch jams and indian-infused folk are an absolute delight. i can't take this CD out of the player. it's easily one of the 2 or 3 best albums released this year.

it's co-released by mandragora and fire museum, the latter of which has been on a tear this year. recent CDs by helena espvall (from espers) and the traditional burmese sounds of nai htaw paing ensemble are both brilliant in their own right and essential listening for those of you reading this blog.

and a quick mention to black history moth, whose self-released cd-r arrived today and is already wreaking havoc on my skull.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

animal psi

hey all-

just a quick post to introduce you to a new site i was introduced to last night, which looks like it'll be a great resource for weird-o, obscur-o music. lots of release news, some reviews, some sound samples, tour dates, etc.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

mike tamburo/larkin grimm tour

hey all,

posting these for mike... should be some sweeet shows:

Aug. 26 Alternative Books Kingston, NY

Aug. 27 La Cena Syracuse, NY

Aug. 28 charm city arts space Baltimore, MD

Aug. 29 611 florida Washington D.C

Aug. 30 Eat Records (w/ Jesse Sparhawk) 6pm New York, NY

Aug. 30 Galapagos (w/Jesse Sparhawk) 10pm Brooklyn, NY

Aug. 31 The Honeymoon Compound 2033 Frankford Avenue Philadelphia, PA

September 1 and 2 Wickermania Festival Amherst, MA (we play on september 2)

Sept. 3 South Union Arts(w/Zelienople, Kathleen Baird) Chicago, IL

Sept. 4 Hall mall Iowa city, IA

Sept. 5 TipTop - 3803 S. 25th St. Omaha, NE

Sept. 6 Burnt Toast Boulder, CO

Sept. 8 The Habitat San Diego, CA

Sept. 9 il coral (with Refrigerator Mothers) Los Angeles, CA

Sept. 10 help needed!!!! TBA, CA

Sept. 11 KFJC 3pm Los Altos, CA

Sept. 12 The Makeout Room (w/ Sean Smith) San Francisco, CA

Sept. 13 Mama Buzz Oakland, CA

Sept. 14 House show San Francisco, CA

Sept. 15 need help!!!! Nevada City, CA

Sept. 16 Delta of Venus Davis, CA

Sept. 16 KDVS Davis, CA

Sept. 17 Sacramento Audio Waffles 12 noon Sacramento, CA

Sept. 19 Das Gasthaus Arcata, CA

Sept. 20 TBA (w/ Arrington De Dionyso and matt mcdowell) Olympia, WA

Sept. 21 Town Lounge (w/ arrington de dionyso & matt mcdowell) Portland, OR

Sept. 22 Sunset Tavern (w/ old time relijun) Seattle, WA

Sept.23 Shakespeare & Co Missoula, MT

Sept. 24 Rogue Buddha (w/ Paul Metzger) Minneapolis, MN

Sept. 25 Sneaky Dee's (w/Yellow Swans, Grouper) Toronto, ON

Sept. 26 The Green Room Montreal, QC

Sept. 27 AS220 Providence, RI

Sept. 28 TBA (with KG Fields) Boston,Ma

still having our massive sale:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

huge digitalis/foxglove sale

hey everyone,

we're having a huge sale on digitalis/foxglove stuff. get the scoop here:


Monday, May 01, 2006

wait for the rest of your life

pardon my absence over the next 3 days, but FDHQ is being invaded by terracid. chutzpah.

Monday, April 10, 2006

destroyer's rubies

while i don't have the time to do a proper review of destroyer's latest on merge, let me just say that it's easily going to end up as one of the year's finest. i've been a sucker for dan bejar for almost 10 years now, but "rubies" marks his finest effort to date (which is really saying something). with all the fuss made over his side-band, the new pornographers (who are snoozeworthy) and it's lead ginger (the equally boring a.c. newman), those same people should literally be shitting their pants over this record.

"why can't you see that a life in arts and a life of mimicry is the same thing?"