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Friday, February 18, 2005

foxy digitalis podcast !!!

expect the first installment to be up soon... i'll post a link here and on the digitalis & foxy digitalis main pages.

in the future, i hope to expand to other FD writers having 'shows' too.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

foxy digitalis podcast?

so i'm soliciting opinions here and seeing what kind of interest there might be in a weekly or bi-weekly foxy digitalis "podcast."

first you are probably asking, what is a podcast, exactly? here's some info: via wikipedia.

my understanding is that it's basically a pre-recorded radio show that people download. awesome idea. it's another way the internet is decentralizing the powers-that-be.

my thoughts would be that every week or two i'd do either a half-hour or hour-long "show," featuring alot of music that we currently have featured in that month's issue of foxy digitalis, and i'd also intermix some tracks from new and old digitalis and foxglove releases.

my biggest concern is bandwidth... a 30-60 minute mp3, even encoded at 128 kbps, is still going to be 30-60 MBs. depending on how many people downloaded that... that could be huge. i've been considering setting up another server just for hosting mp3s, so this might be something that would make that a necessity.

so what do you all think?

Thursday, February 03, 2005

clay's festering lungs

some new scrawl from 23 productions in the form of a few limited cassette releases. first up we have clays festering lungs, a solo project from clay ruby. this is some mind-bending noise... like dirty pistons inside a barely functioning engine, this tape sputters and purrs its way to a conclusion. it's quite good. the racket contained within is neither ear shattering or overly abrasive. it's got polish, and that's good.

davenport returns with two split cassettes, both of which are excellent. on the split with the mighty leannan sith, we venture through the cosmic dust rising up in the form of organ drones and phased keys. his duo consists of john gould and kelly shippy, this is reminiscent of the softer side of birchville cat motel. it's haunting and beautiful. davenport scrape their way through the organic fields of the midwest. their acoustic based composition is memorable and whimsical. it is filled with the voices of ghosts ascending through the heavens into an ethereal plane. absolutely stunning.

finally, davenport offers a split with mumber toes. this is essential. davenport contributes eastern raga jams steeped in violent shades of purple and pink. the organic drone that dictates the early proceedings is impressive and mind-numbing. there's over 40 minutes of davenport stuff here which makes this an absolute must for any fan of theirs. i hope these tracks are reissued in a wider release/format sometime b/c this is some of their strongest work. mumber toes is quite good, too. this release is a bi tlong but well worth the effort it takes to get through.