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Saturday, May 28, 2005


well foxy digitalis is going through some changes and growing pains right now... well, i guess they're not really pains, per se, but anyway. we're moving away from the clunky html style of old and into the sexy new, mysql database style of new. it's going to be a revolutionary change for me as i'm not going to have to format 80 reviews at a time, 10 features, etc. this also means more updates when it's up and functioning (we're talking weekly updates). yeah. hot! we hope to have this finished, tested, and launched by mid-june in time for the next update (which will be the last of the massive updates). this is all very exciting and all the love and praise should be directed toward our friend jean-bernard who is 100% responsible for this.

a bunch of new releases are going to be coming on foxglove before the end of the summer... we've got some really amazing masters right now that i'm kind of shocked we're going to be releasing. for you finniacs, there's going to be a lot for you too, including 4 new keijo related releases spread on digitalis (his debut solo CD) and foxglove (a collaboration with vapaa's tiitus as well as releases by his bands kheta hotem and kundalini snakes), plus a few other tricks i've got up my sleeve that should blow some collective minds.

what else... i think i need to change the digitalis & foxglove news pages to be powered by blogger. this shit is way too easy.

oh, and a few brief recommendations of stuff i hope to do long-form reviews of someday:

seht's 'application antarctica download form' on c/psi/p might be the most essential minimalist drone releases this year.

the new compilation on rebis, 'time & relative dimensions in space' is stunning. it features long-form pieces from the skaters, taurpis tula (in their best performance so far), my cat is an alien, number none, and jim haynes (best known from his work with loren chasse in coelacanth).

emerald cloud cobra's forthcoming cd-r on outa is quickly becoming the best new discovery of 2005. eastern tinged drones, space flight ragas, archaic vocals... it's a mind-melting combination and will floor avid readers of this site, guaranteed. email outa and pre-order a copy b/c i don't know how many will be available.

and lastly, andy robbins 3" on firstperson is a fantastic tiny acid-soaked document of simple, solemn folk tunes. andy jarvis' firstperson series has proved to be one of the best new labels around and this robbins disc only further cements that fact.

more soon...