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Monday, November 28, 2005

digitalis gets in bed with piranha

hey everyone,

just a quick announcement i'm pretty excited about...

the good folks at who do the in bed with piranha on france's radio-g
will be doing an all-foxglove/digitalis show on monday, 11/28, from 5
to 7 PM eastern standard time (10 PM GMT, i believe). the show can be
heard over the internet at everybody should check it out.

pre-orders for new CDs by christina carter & gown, james blackshaw,
and brothers of the occult sisterhood available soon, as well as the
limited new CD-R/DVD-R set from our favorite alien feline, roberto
opalio. some new foxgloves too.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

routes reborn

well, i have to say that i (along with many others) were pretty irked
at the sudden deletion of the might routes list. seemed completely
unnecessary and ridiculous, but hey... they can't kill us forever.

so i invite you to join the new routes list..