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Thursday, July 28, 2005

me! me! me!

just a few links of interview/articles about me that i thought i'd pass on:

kid shirt

in tension

thanks to everyone for taking the time to let me babble.

lately i'm infatuated with this label: one minute trolley dash

cdrs by ffehro, silvester anfang, and drunjus (a double-disc) will be released next week on foxglove.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

i feel like talking about myself..

..but i suppose that's entire point of a blog, in a way. heh.

summer's here in full force these days... every day feels like 100 degrees. my longing for autumn is at a feverpitch. really, i just want orange leaves and a cool breeze... i don't feel like it's too much to ask for.

since i love talking about myself, i'm excited to say that alligator crystal moth, my cross-oceanic project with michael donnelly of brothers of the occult sisterhood, terracid, 6majik9, etc, is about to be excavated and exposed. we've been recording like mad (we have over 2 1/2 hours of material currently). our first release will be a foxglove cd-r, entitled "magic swamp kingdom." it's going to have seven tracks: 1. mother stars / 2. and the ocean becomes the altar / 3. flying the midnight dragon / 4. blue pariah / 5. sunspots amongst the ruins / 6. may alltonia minor / 7. kerosene hat (by cracker)

ah, i'm excited. we also have another album called "spectral lysergics" that we're hoping to get released on CD or LP. any interested parties should email me. and those of you wondering what ACM sounds like... fuck, i don't know. psychedelic swamp music or something. it definitely is very much what you might imagine a combination of michael and i's various solo projects would sound like. i'm convinced michael d isn't human.

anyway, something unrelated to ACM. has anyone else heard all these LPs from back in the '80s that loren mazzacane connors and kath bloom did? i recently unearthed these gems and can't believe that no effort to reissue these has happened (well, maybe unsuccessful efforts have gone down, i don't know). i could listen to this shit for hours. i don't care if it all sounds the same.

some samples (as requested) - both tracks from "spectral lysergics":

alligator crystal moth "python"

alligator crystal moth "fuschia waves in the golden sun"