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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


it's been a month now since i've updated this thing. heh. but hey, we've had a massive foxy update in that time, so cut me some slack.

life in tulsa is good. school is out for the summer (queue alice cooper) and i'm going through the typical "oh my god i have so much time so i am going to be lazy" mood. so bear with me folks - your orders will be shipped, your emails replied to, and such. it might just take a few extra days.

in north sea news, the "pink moon" 3" is out now on timothy renner's fabulous folklore of the moon series. i'm happy with the release - it's a "conceptual" ep, but i don't think anyone's picked up on the concept yet. score one for me. get it here: dark holler. in further proof that i apparently have no perspective on my own music, everyone's favorite track (and many have said favorite north sea track ever) is one of my least favorite i've ever done, and one i almost left off the release. so score another for me.

some great records we've been spinning lately include multiple releases by the awesome funeral folk label. of particular interest is silvester anfang. gruesome, solemn "quiet" tunes to infect your brain with overbearing blackness. per & öystein is also great in that doomed retard sort of way. this "evil noise" tape is almost essential for those who have a good sense of humor and like their music scarred. really great.

vampire belt might be my favorite "new" band though. chris corsano is such a monolith. fuck. everything that guy has touched lately has turned to gold (see: "school of the flower;" see: MV&EE's track on "from the roots..."), but vampire belt is a total sonic onslaught aimed at one thing and one thing only: total anihilation of your aural sensory units. his drumming just slays me. seriously though, check out vampire belt - you will be a better person because of it. ha!

the next installment of my cat is an alien's "from the earth to the spheres" series is also fantastic. christina carter & gown are lovely as expected, and MCIAA delivers another piece of beautiful space debris. really, i can't explain it, but my love affair with MCIAA is going at full force these days. they must put something in the packaging or something that has infected me. i don't care, i fucking love it and everyone reading this should jump on the MCIAA bandwagon. these italians are true cosmic artists.